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Unique skills and strengths


Technical Illustration

Visual communication is the art of cleanly and simply conveying function. A combination of best practices and sensibilities over acquired over time, communicating how something works through illustration is a powerfully effective medium; and an important one in business terms. Think of it like this. A well-presented and helpful set of instructions is nothing less than the first brochure for your customers next purchase.

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Technical Animation

The arrival of the Internet Age, and the proliferation of bandwidth-rich service and access to video content puts unprecedented power to instruct, inform and compel into the hands of business leaders. The ability to succinctly and effectively convey advanced technical information using animation is an as-of-yet untapped opportunity for businesses. It’s the power of professional technical illustration – that moves – and in so doing, moves prospects to move to you.

Technical animations for depiction of electrical, chemical or mechanical processes of your product or service. Useful for instructional design training modules, web based training of clear demonstrations, and overcoming possible language barriers



Graphic Design

Traditional Graphic Design service for all you print and output needs.

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Graphic Design

From strategic conception of brand identity for print, web and point-of-purchase to marketing collateral layout and design, Mantis has decades of experience in articulating an aesthetic that connects with your specific audience in a way that exudes class while compelling to come hither. And while just the right colours, fonts, images, and layout are key – the strategy that informs the elements is always present. It’s flash – but it’s never flash devoid of substance.

  • Product Packaging
  • Direct Mail
  • In-store Display
  • Coupons
  • Point of Purchase
  • Trade-show Booth graphics
  • Sales Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Annual Reports
  • Advertisements
  • Catalogues
  • Pamphlets

Large and small print runs, specializing in environmentally conscious output and consultation.




Web Design and Development

Digital Design, Development and Consultation

Web Design

Successful execution of corporate web-presence is about evolution. The web is dynamic – and the way you work it needs to be too. Our commitment to remaining apprised of trajectories in web design and development seeks to keep our clients ahead of the curve – and therefore ahead of their competition. Up-to-the-minute approaches in everything from Search Engine Optimization tactics and social media strategies to responsive design and content management system construction means your strategic, analytics-driven web presence is built to perform. And by performance we simply mean – it results in sales.

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Packaging Design

Packaging and Point-of-Sale design has to work at the moment of truth. It’s the one shot you get. More than merely looking great and conveying professionalism, it has to connect with a product’s intended target audience. This means design informed by a deeper brand strategy and strategic insight informed by research. Beyond good looks, function as well as form must be considered; and always, economy of execution is top-of-mind as well.

We can help with your current,  existing lineup expansion, or new branding project.  With a background experience utilizing most of the printing technologies of  off-set, web, flexo, roto-gravuere etc. for artwork setup. Artwork conversion to include 2 and 3 languages as required.  Direct experience with several major brands for: backer cards, plastic sleeve, litho to plastic and metal, blister packs, adhesive labels, cardboard, product mockup and sales samples…

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  • mantis_media_packaging_design_raid_instore_display_backer_card
  • mantis_media_packaging_design_raid_flying_insect
  • mantis_media_packaging_design_raid_club_pack
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